Royalty Free Stock Smiley Clipart by Johnny Sajem

  1. Excited Emoticon Character Leaping High
  2. Happy Moodie Character Holding up a Finger While Making His Point
  3. Smiley Holding a Percolator
  4. Moodie Character Looking at a High Price Tag
  5. Moodie Smiley Character Marking a Line and Pointing
  6. Moodie Smiley Hitting a High Note
  7. Happy Smiley Character Flipping a Coin
  8. Moodie Smiley Juggling with Too Many Balls
  9. Moodie Character Dotting His I's and Crossing T's
  10. Friendly Moodie Character Doing His Happy Dance, with Music Notes
  11. Emoticon Character Smiling and Flipping a Switch on
  12. Cute Nearly Blind Moodie Character Trying to See a Giant E Eye Chart
  13. Cute and Happy Moodie Character Spinning Around on a Stool
  14. Emoticon Character Holding up Bundles of Cash
  15. Happy Emoticon Character Driving the Right Way
  16. Emoticon Character Sitting down in the Dumps
  17. Oblivious Emoticon Character Driving the Wrong Way on a One Way Street
  18. Emoticon Character Frowning and Flipping a Switch off
  19. Clutz Moodie Character Dropping a Hot Potato
  20. Goofy Moodie Character Kicking a Football
  21. Proud Moodie Character Getting a Lift
  22. Strange Moodie Character Dropping the Other Shoe
  23. Hungry Moodie Character Looking at the Pie in the Sky
  24. Moodie Smiley with an Angry Expression, Putting a Comment in a Suggestion Box
  25. Friendly Moodie Smiley Holding a Pencil by Note Paper
  26. Happy Smiley Character Looking at His Reflection in a Mirror
  27. Moodie Smiley Character Angrily Blowing a Whistle
  28. Moodie Smiley with a Happy Reminder Ribbon
  29. Moodie Character Stomping and Making His Way to an Exit
  30. Moodie Smiley Holding Sour Grapes
  31. Distraught Moodie Character Puppet on Strings
  32. Moodie Smileys on the Same Page
  33. Moodie Character Spilling the Beans with Purple Strokes
  34. Moodie Miley Character Writing a Plan Ahead Sign
  35. Sad Moodie Smiley Putting a Drop in the Bucket
  36. Doubtful Moodie Character Smiley Looking at a Ladder to Success
  37. Smiley Moodie Character Singing in the Shower
  38. Skeptical Moodie Character with Folded Arms, Smoking a Cigar, Not Buying It
  39. Level Headed Moodie Character Smiley
  40. Moodie Smiley Character Ready to Race
  41. Be Happy Text Under a Big Yellow Happy Face
  42. Worried Emoticon Character in a Raft Under the Hot Sun
  43. Happy Moodie Character Carrying a Hot Dog with Mustard
  44. Frowning Moodie Character Sitting on a Stump
  45. Happy Moodie Character with a Daylight Saving Clock and Jumping Forward
  46. Cute Moodie Character with the World on a String
  47. Nervous Grumpy Moodie Character Kicking the Can
  48. Emoticon Character Looking at High Stakes
  49. Emoticon Character Holding Two Thumbs down
  50. Grinning Moodie Character Sports Fan
  51. Grumpy Emoticon Character Holding One Thumb down
  52. Emoticon Character Flying over a Speed Bump
  53. Smiling Moodie Character with Three Yo Yos
  54. Moodie Character Giving out Inside Information on White
  55. Worried Emoticon Character Wading in Water
  56. Nervous Moodie Character Dragging a Ball and Chain
  57. Happy Moodie Character with a Yo Yo
  58. Friendly Happy Moodie Character Kicking the Can
  59. Happy Moodie Character Sitting on the Globe
  60. Searching Moodie Character Looking Under a Stone
  61. Worried Moodie Character Holding a Tiny Pea on a Plate
  62. Cute Moodie Character Pushing the Envelope
  63. Friendly Moodie Character Writing a Note on His Foot
  64. Happy Moodie Character Tipping His Hat
  65. Cute Moodie Character Holding Two Thumbs up
  66. Friendly Moodie Character Holding an Umbrella over a Groundhog
  67. Friendly Moodie Character Snapping His Fingers
  68. Frightened Moodie Character with a Daylight Savings Clock, Falling Back
  69. Excited Moodie Character Holding up a Found Puzzle Piece
  70. Excited Moodie Character with an Idea
  71. Moodie Character with a Caught Stinky Fish
  72. Sad Moodie Character Feeling Under the Weather
  73. Caring Moodie Character Holding an Umbrella over a Groundhog
  74. Friendly Moodie Character Holding a Thumb up
  75. Stressed Moodie Character Behind an Eight Ball
  76. Dreamy Moodie Flipping a Coin
  77. Wicked Moodie Smiley Character Holding a Pencil by Note Paper
  78. Mad Moodie Character Holding a Pencil by Note Paper
  79. Happy Smiley Character Holding onto a Red Balloon and Flying Away
  80. Scared Moodie Smiley Holding onto a Red Balloon and Flying Away
  81. Scared Moodie Smiley Holding onto a Red Balloon and Flying Away
  82. Moodie Character Smiley Smelling a Flower
  83. Worried Moodie Character up to His Elbows in Water
  84. Moodie Smiley Character Getting Bit by a Snake
  85. Moodie Smiley Standing Shocked on a Scale
  86. Moodie Smiley Holding a Sandwich with One Foot in the Grave
  87. Scared Moodie Smiley Holding His Security Blanket
  88. Mad Moodie Character with a Ferocious Reminder Ribbon
  89. Wicked Moodie Smiley Golfing a Hole in One
  90. Mad Moodie Character Pointing to a Glass Half Empty
  91. Sneaky Moodie Character Golfing a Hole in One
  92. Scared Moodie Character Holding His Security Blanket
  93. Moodie Smiley Character Touching Wet Paint on a Door
  94. Happy Smiley Moodie Character Sitting on a Ball
  95. Moodie Character Smiley Kicking a Soccer Ball
  96. Moodie Smiley Standing Uncertainly on an Idea Light Bulb
  97. Moodie Smiley Carrying a Blank Sign with an Angry Expression
  98. Mad Moodie Smiley Character Sweeping
  99. Moodie Smiley Sweeping Money
  100. Confused Moodie Smiley out on a Limb
  101. Moodie Smiley Soccer Bench Woarmer Cheering
  102. Happy Moodie Character Dropping a Hat
  103. Happy Smiley Guy Tossing Peanuts in His Mouth
  104. Tired Smiley Character with a Bag of Gear
  105. Moodie Smiley Character Counting Number 3 with His Fingers
  106. Moodie Smiley Characters Counting from One to Ten with Fingers
  107. Moodie Smiley Character Counting Number 7 with His Fingers
  108. Moodie Smiley Character Dropping the Ball
  109. Moodie Smiley Tossing Garbage in the Trash Can
  110. Moodie Character Smiley Scowling and Tossing Garbage in the Trash Can
  111. Bossy Moodie Smiley Character Pointing at a Ladder
  112. Doubtful Moodie Smiley Looking at a Ladder
  113. Moodie Smiley Trying to Fit into a Large Shoe if the Shoe Fits
  114. Smiley Face Family Reunion Tree Clock and Happy Times Together Text
  115. Atom with Unhappy Smileys
  116. Nervous Moodie Smileys in the Same Boat
  117. Worried Moodie Smiley Holding up and Stretching a Dollar Bill
  118. Black and White Smiley Icon
  119. Determined and Nervous Moodie Characters at the Start of a Race
  120. Determined Trekking Smiley Character
  121. Happy Trekking Moodie Smiley Character
  122. Cautious Trekking Moodie Smiley Character
  123. Horrified Moodie Smiley Puppet over Green Squiggles
  124. Mad Moodie Smiley Flying a Kite
  125. Moodie Smiley Soccer Bench Warmer Day Dreaming
  126. Moodie Character Smiley Hanging on a Limb
  127. Angry Moodie Smiley Carrying a Kitchen Sink
  128. Moodie Smiley Character Straddling a Fence
  129. Fearful Smiley Character out on a Limb
  130. Fearful Smiley Moodie Character Straddling a Fence
  131. Complaining Moodie Smiley out on a Limb
  132. Mad Smiley Character on a Fence
  133. Moodie Smiley Smoking a Cigar and Pointing up
  134. Thoughtful Moodie Character Smoking a Cigar
  135. Mad Moodie Smiley Smoking a Cigar and Pointing up
  136. Smoking Moodie Smiley with One Foot in the Grave
  137. Mad Moodie Smiley Sweeping the Earth
  138. Reluctant Moodie Smiley Lion Tamer
  139. Worried Smiley Lion Tamer
  140. Sad Moodie Character Crying and Talking on a Cell Phone
  141. Mad Moodie Character Smiley Using a Cell Phone
  142. Bragging Shrugging Smiley Character
  143. Moodie Character Talking on a Phone and Obliviously Walking Towards a Hole
  144. Moodie Smiley Covering His Ears